The Loose Diamond – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds have been synonymous with Glamour, wealth, and power throughout the history of the world. They have even been thought of as sexy, and have been associated with the most alluring women that ever lived. Marilyn Monroe sang about them and how they are a “Girl’s Best Friend”. She just adored finding new places to wear them. Elizabeth Taylor was well publicized for receiving them, and having a giant one named after her. When Richard Burton gave her the famous Taylor-Burton diamond, he said, “This diamond has so many carats, it’s almost a turnip!”.

Mae West was quoted as saying, “I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself.” Zsa Zsa Gabor said, “I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.”  And, the ultra-sexy Joan Rivers quipped, If God wanted us to bend over, he’d put diamonds on the floor!”

Prince Rainier presented Grace Kelly with a simple ring of small diamonds and rubies, when he proposed. They went public with their wedding plans, and allowed the press to photograph the ring. All was fine, until they planned a trip to Hollywood. That simple band seemed a bit bargain-basement compared to the rings movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor were wearing. Well, the Prince had to run out and buy Grace a 12 carat emerald cut diamond ring just to save face.

Glamorous actresses of every age have been photographed wearing diamond jewelry. Women find it impossible to resist diamonds. The contemporary female is no exception. Every notable beauty from Princess Diana to Paris Hilton has had a story in the media about them, concerning diamonds.

Paris Hilton received two engagement rings for a wedding that didn’t even take place. One was a 24 carat canary diamond worth $5 Million, and the other was a 15 carat white emerald-cut diamond worth $2.1 Million. Jennifer Lopez also received a ring for a wedding that never happened. Ben Affleck gave her a 6 carat pink diamond worth $1.2 Million.

Britney Spears had to buy her own 4 carat cushion-cut, worth $40,000, when she married Kevin Federline. Jay Z bought Beyonce an 18 carat diamond ring valued at $5 million.

Kris Humphries bought Kim Kardashian 20.5 carat diamond ring worth $2 million for their 15-minute marriage. She has refused to return it to him.

Brad Pitt finally proposed, and offered Angelina Jolie a ring worth a modest $250,000.

Prince William gave Kate Middleton an 18 carat blue sapphire ring that was his mother’s, and was valued at a measly $50,000. So, the frugal Prince saved quite a bit of money.

Any of the beautiful rings mentioned above, owned by the most glamorous women of the world, can be yours for a fraction of the price. A good custom jeweler can copy the styles from photographs, and find similar, if not identical stones.

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